1. Communication shall be in English Language within the school premises
      2. Code switching in teacher-student communication during lessons only is allowed
      3. Student-teacher communication during Yoruba classes shall be purely in Yoruba. English language shall be spoken only when it is necessary


  1. Students shall appear in tidy complete uniform always
  2. Complete uniform is a combination of the school shirt and trousers/skirt matched with a pair of black shoes with white socks.
  3. Female students depending on their religion affiliation shall put on recommended school hijab/ beret
  4. Students shall be properly dressed always within and outside the school premises in as much as they appear in the school uniform


  1. Students  shall obey all bell calls promptly
  2. Students shall walk gracefully and conduct any group/team activities peacefully and orderly
  3. Students shall not make noise in the classroom and in any other school gathering
  4. Students shall receive only authorized visitors with the approval of the principal or class teacher. Authorized visitors are parents and/or guardians.


  1. Students  shall not write on the walls of the school building or fence
  2. No student shall damage the school property deliberately or inadvertently. Any damage done inadvertently will be replaced by the student or group of students
  3. The use of phones by students is not allowed in the school premises. Students receive calls through the Students’ Affairs Unit or class teacher.
  4. Students shall keep the school surroundings clean at all time. Any litter on the floor must be picked and thrown into the nearest basket.
  5. Students shall report cases of abuse, rudeness or provocation to the teacher on duty or any prefect.
  6. No student shall defecate or urinate anywhere within the school premises except designated toilet and urinal

Attendance, Punctuality and Exit

  1. All students shall attend school from Mondays to Fridays .
  2. Lateness to school is from 7:45am.
  3. Permission for unavoidable absence shall be obtained from the principal.
  4. In case of emergency of any form, parents shall call the principal or class teacher.
  5. No student shall leave the school premises during school hours without an authorized exit permit from the principal

Respect for Authority

  1. All bell calls must be obeyed promptly
  2. Every student shall obey instructions from school prefects and other senior students. Every student shall accord the school prefects the deserved respect.
  3. No student shall participate in any form of demonstration or protest whether peaceful or otherwise unless it is ordered by the joint meeting of Students’ Representative Council and the Prefects Council.
  4. Every student shall comply with any rule made in council by the Students’ Representative Council. Its decision in council is binding on every students including the prefects.

Class Conduct

  1. Every student present in school shall attend all lessons for the day.  They shall attempt  all exercises given in all subjects and submit such exercises to the respective teachers for marking
  2. Every student must attempt given assignment and submit on time
  3. Class rules must be obeyed by every member of the class
  4. Every student must partake in team or group activities/ work.

Conduct in the Laboratory

  1. Students shall attend laboratory practical classes in white overall gown   worn on the school uniform.
  2. Every student shall have practical notebooks and practical schedule
  3. Any damage to any instrument shall be reported to the subject teacher or/and the laboratory attendant.
  4. No student shall eat food or snacks of any sort in the laboratory
  5. No student shall come late to the laboratory
  6. No student shall use any laboratory equipment without the supervision of the subject teacher or the laboratory attendant
  7. No student shall disobey the subject teacher or the laboratory attendant
  8. Non-compliance with rules (i-vii) shall attract corporal punishment and refund of cost of damaged equipment in case of rule (iii)

Conduct During Examination

  1. Only students that have obtained and presented a clearance from     the bursary shall be eligible to write any examination conducted by in the school.
  2. Any student that is late to the examination shall be punished as appropriate.
  3. No student shall talk, hiss or borrow anything from other students while the examination is going on.
  4. Students shall have their Calculator, Mathematical Set, Four Figure Tables or any other utility ready and in working condition for the examinations.